Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vintage greens

Just's time for Green week
Cards, books, bottles, soaps, rusty chippy metals
from the recent estate purchase.

Depression glasses and more

Enamelware in creams and greens
Chamber potty and double boiler

6 Fire king mugs
a wonderful
antique green wooden cupboard in original paint green/yellow

Odds and ends
Shamrock bowls and plates marked Japan

Vintage enamelware in yellow and green all chippy
filled with antique wonderments.

Dapper Sears catalog paper covered soaps
tied with twine and rusty antique keys

For the women...Sears catalog paper covered soaps
tied with mercerized corset lace 
adorned with rusty antique key.

CROWN white chippy birdcage
Antique with lots of parts to it.
There are also 2 birdcage iron stands just arrived.

Naturalistic paperie poem

Also Maya is bringing in 30 pieces of her handmade jewelry...Sundance inspired, naturalistic with some leathers, suedes ,precious stones and more on thursday.
Joni's creating her altered art Spring and Easter line.
Her work adds personality to your holidays!

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