Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In the beginning...

January was the beginning...going healthy.
I remember walking into a health food store, shopping up and down
the isles leaving with only a few things... then calling my daughter crying "I can't do this, I just don't know how."
What did all that stuff mean anyway?

She took me the next time
2   1/2 months later...I CAN and DO... this!

Hope you don't mind if I share with you as this new lifestyle unfolds.

I meet with  Dr. Yeh in Calif.
He's 75 chinese and has a wonderful practice.
He seems 50 and has no pain.
His wife Pearl 59, youthful
so amazing.
He has put me on the Eastern food pyramid
Beans,nuts, grains, fresh fruits/vegetables, organic beef and fish,
no dairy,only natural sugars.
Yeh center of natural medicine, upland, calif.

Spirulina... daily
is a fresh water algae rich in protein which boosts the immune
system, regulates cholestrol and blood pressure.

We are building a healthy strong immune system.
Green drink
for 10 recipes using spinach
on pinterest
I have not tried the green drinks...as of yet!
How about you?
I know it's popular...let's do one this week!

Whole wheat bow tie pasta with salmon
Pasta salad has fresh kale, tomato, walnuts, sliced almonds,
pumpkin seeds, celery, kidney beans... tossed with olive oil dressing  I made up:
lime juice, balsamic vinegarette, parmesan cheese etc.
(just do your thing, really)

that was last nights dinner

todays lunch...

Chard leaf roll up with tuna
In my whole life I have NEVER bought Chard!
It's really a beautiful dark green leafy vegetable, I love it, taste is mild.
Mixed tuna with some lime, veganaise, tomato, avacado, pumpkin seeds.

Enjoy Green week.
tomorrow will be vintage greens on the blog that you can buy at the shop
we're going through estate items, pulling the greens and fun stuff!

Hot green Jasmine tea
So nice to curl up a night in front of favorite shows with.

Have you noticed more and more restaurants
are serving herbal teas
we have replaced our diet cokes with this
more relaxing
less stimulating.
(I do miss my diet dr. pepper though)
 sneak one once in awhile...wink wink!

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