Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 things we must do in life...

2 things in life we have to do...
(are we not taught that in school?)

                    and dying...

Today we did our taxes... ugh!
( takes all the fun out of owning a business )

Finished up our two days of dismantling a room & complete garage of collections from a good friend who recently passed away, he was 89. It was his "man caves" where he enjoyed collecting and fixing up all day long.

Mixed emotions...as we packed away his lifetime collections.

 Missed him alot, and also enjoyed thinking of him as I wondered about each piece, it's history. Enjoyed all of it.

He was a collector and a seller like us, kindred spirits in this life. We miss you Terry and will make sure your collections go to new homes to be enjoyed again...reclaimed.

Now tonight the blizzard...we just went from 60 degrees yesterday to 20 degrees...going under the covers now.

Talk about heaven and hell...
of course I mean taxes and blizzards are hell!

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Mimi Sue said...

Another good day tomorrow! Heaven and hell indeed. Mimi