Friday, March 23, 2012

PARKING at Just a bed of roses

Somedays at the shop wish we could stack
you up like this
especially with our new 3 days a week!

Confused where to park?

You can park in the 2 hour parking on the road painted yellow curb to the east.
around the corner on Main, yellow painted curbe 2 hour parking
easiest of all...
you can park behind the building
it says school district parking
you wont get at ticket
anywhere you park.

You wouldn't want to park infront of the shop.
Police frown on that unless
it's for a pickup.
also you can park behind my gray car
in the barbers driveway anytime.

Saturdays are usually no problem.

We know that it is sometimes a difficulty
to find a parking

please know we appreciate you
making an effort to come in
and try to make it worth your efforts.

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