Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Starting our list...ORGANIC SEEDS list that is

Hi ya'll!

It's time to decide what to plant
the sun is shining &
it's called spring fever!

We have learned that
has open pollenated, non-hybrid,
non toxic nor genetically modified seeds.
We are looking for ORGANIC this year.
Start with the best seeds.
On their site besides wonderful seeds of all types you'll find non toxic ways for pesticides, garden tips and learn from neat books.
Even deer repellant.

Mr. Roses is shocked that I have taken an
interest after 39 years of marriage.
(don't worry he can do the work).
His father worked the ground we and his brother live on (there are 20 acres he farmed)  he did back then what was called being a
row crop farmer. He would take his wagon
filled with vegetables and melons and go into
town, meaning West Ogden etc.
The children would help carry the vegetables
to the customers.
He would holler out:
and the ladies would run out!

So it's in these boys blood still!

A new "green zebra" tomato is on the list
cool as cool isn't it!

Heirloom seeds date back over 100 years ago.

trying a colorful variety of carrots this time

Look how fun to get the family
being creative with veggie man

Have you ever tried Lemon Cucumbers?
Well, you should because they are sweeter, mild, don't make you
go burp and great appearance.
easy to grow.
I'll find the name of the cucumber we are buying
it's never bitter.
so later on that.

Our ground grows watermelons and canteloupes really well.
Trying sugar baby this year
and will again get back with you on
our favorite.

This year we are trying asparagus.
It's a 3 year process.
Also...bareroot rasberries
waiting for J & J nursery to get them in.

OOps...turn your head sideways.
Grab yourself a good book while its still a bit chilly
and get EXCITED for Spring plantings.
This came from Barnes and Noble, beautiful photo's.
A little present for Carl.

We tried to order from Heirloom today.
There is a message saying they have an emergency and will
be taking internet orders first of April.
So study up and start that list.

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Wow! Your veggie man is very creative! (: