Sunday, March 4, 2012

Have hope. be strong

Still at it...I mean,eating healthy.

Mr. Roses doesn't miss stopping at the store anymore each night on his way home from work...he usually bought french bread, farrs burnt almond fudge ice cream, cheese, lays
chips, cases of Diet dr. pepper for me, fruit milk, stuff for potato salad.
since Jan. we have both lost 15 lbs.
He did start later than I, but you know
how men lose much faster.

No measuring or counting, just
eating healthy and eliminating alot
and not going hungry.
It's not about the weight.
its about eating healthy.

Organic grass feed beef from wholefoods
hamburgers 95% lean
And now I do most of the shopping. dang!
(and alot of cooking. dang again!

A white onion a day is healthy
these are cooked in olive oil/chopped garlic

Fresh avacado slices

Organic wheat buns fill you up
and taste good.
Haven't missed white flour/white pasta
AT ALL, besides where is the nutrition?

Don't need to eat the whole bag
when eating healthy either.
Food should taste good
sweet potato chips.

3 types of vegan handmade cookies
from wholefoods, so good.

Good thoughts for comfort
and comforting.

and I dont know how this got here! lol!

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