Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VICTORIA March issue & Peace

March issue of VICTORIA is in ...even though we long to see our green grass again and warm sunshine this book will refresh our minds of what's to come really soon. I say this as Utah is getting snowed on everyday!

You'll notice on the magazine a peace flower and peace sign neclace charm Jayna brought in yesterday among other fun Peace themed charms...Oh I love these!
She has neclaces and charms that are PERFECT your YOUR VALENTINE. I mean this girl has personality! Karen has also stocked the chocolate caramel apples and pretzels, new line of jewelry should arrive today, if our abundance isnt enough for you, wink wink!

Come in, we'll warm your HEARTS plus we're here to help you make your valentines week-end a little more special.

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite Magazines....It snowed here yesterday too!! It's been sunny and warm, snow melting, then all of a sudden. Now I am craving a Chocolate Caramel Apple...I wish I could see all the Jewelry in person!! xoxo