Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Last Lecture...Randy Pausch

Just Love this book...What's ironic is that I was planning on blogging this book today as Husband and I finished reading it this week, enjoyed it immensly and wanted to share some of our thoughts. In the Standard Examiner newspaper today there is a big article on the book as Randy's friend who co-authored this book is speaking at the Davis conference Center this coming Thursday. Tickets available at Smith's tix.

Randy was a professor,highly intelligent engineer & energetic about life and was dying of Pancreatic Cancer which there is no cure, he was a young man of 47 with a small family...of course he doesn't want to leave them. He is determined to write a book so that his young children will know him.

It's not a book about dying, it's about living, the book was barely finished before he passed away. He got emails about his book making them realizing that life is short,START LIVING IF YOUR NOT. On the comical side he was a home wrecker...leaving a rotten spouse they would email. He talks about his neat childhood, lessons learned there, fun things they did as a family.

Brent Severe, assistant director of the Davis education foundation,whom I love when he comes into our shop and I much admire for HIS enthusiasm for living life, he says they chose this book as it was a good tie-in with what they were doing as a school district because it dealt with life transitions and to overcome your obstacles.

Randy puts a positive spin and is extrememly motivating. His short stories are inspiring and what I always love is the sense of humor he faces about our so called "brick walls" in life and to teach us and our children how to get past them, after all, they are there for a reason. They give us a chance to show how badly we want something. The brick walls are there to stop the people who don't want it badly enough.
His co-author wants others to get to know this funny, flawed and fascinating man. Besides he loves Disneyworld, he worked there after much favorite instant connection there!
I recommend reading this book...its only 200 pages, he looked at the light side of dying, not having to go to the dentist etc! If you are familiar with his story feel free to comment and tell us how his life and death has put some value to your life...
Now...if I can only conquer reading the Count of Monte Cristo!

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Mimi Sue said...

Sounds like a great book. Brent Severe used to be in our ward. Was in the bishopric and I loved him in Beauty and the Beast (he was Luminere in the Davis County production.) Say hi to him from Mimi Sue who is still in California wearing flip flops. Mimi