Friday, February 6, 2009

GLOVEABLES...they're loveable

Suddenly has a new meaning! Gloveables they're loveble. Use them for: Cleaning, Gardening, Hair Coloring, Scrubbing, and fun, fun, fun...Caution: Use of this product has been known to cause laughter.
Guaranteed to class up your day!

Do you love these! Here's just a few color samples, we have some in lavendars and animal print too. Made of textured latex rubber and oil cloth tops and the packaging so chic. Oh, I want to plant flowers right now,and may even be tempted to pull a few weeds this year...what are YOU thinking?
I could be tempted to spray paint in them...but I wont. Better get a cute pair in the mail for my mother for Valentines day though before you buy them all up!
I would say these GLOVEABLES fit into our theme this month of things we love, don't you think so!

Can't wait to present our next women in business #6, may even do them Saturday...Your going to LOVE LOVE LOVE is a clue: romantic marriages. That's all I can say right now...until then I will be home creating with my piles and piles and piles of boxes of neat stuff to bring in for next week.


Shellie said...

These gloves remind me of a tv show I watched while in England. There were 2 ladies that would go and find the most unbearablest,dirtiest home and clean it for the home owner always sporting their fancy decorated working gloves similar to these but with feather stuff around the cuffs. It was hilarious!

Mimi Sue said...

I might not mind scrubbing toilets in those. Love the polka dots. Mimi