Monday, February 2, 2009

Utah Women in Business #5 KAREN PETTIT

My name is karen Pettit. Brenda has asked me to share some things that are dear to me and since I am all about "hearts",one day I had taken a drive to the post office exactly 2 years ago in January and on my way around the corner from the Farmington Post Office I saw a big red heart in the window of what I remembered to be a floral shop. I stopped, went in and was greeted with a friendly "Hello". That was my first meeting with Brenda and I was impressed from the start...with her shop and with her! She began telling me that I could look around but that she would officially be opened in a couple of days. I found a darling button pillow which I purchased and told her that I make something that I thought would look great in the shop since it was vintage inspired. Soon after I brought her some of my vintage Quilt Heart Cards. She began selling them immediatly. Brenda has always been charming & me and to everyone I have ever seen around her. I appreciate her coaching me on ideas, new sayings and her trust in my ability to always come through. She is just the greatest! (okay Karen, now i am blushing as I have to type this you know.)

These are some of the things that I LOVE...

First and foremost, I love being a woman. I love being a wife and a mother! I have such a fantastic husband that I treasure as well as our 4 precious sons and our daughter-in-law too, They fulfill me.

The more I think about all the things I love, they are all things that my Heavenly Father has blessed my life with. I love my savior and I love the scriptures. I love how I can improve my life by following good examples. I love people who have depth to them. I love beautiful sunsets and to share them with a family member who might be close by. I love my neighborhood, my excellent friends and family. Utah has a bounty of quality things to see and do, and I love living here. I also love simple things that have a sentimental meaning behind them (like when Brenda tells me of a man who came into her shop and bought one of my cards to give to his wife who had a bad day and just wanted to cheer her up, or the wife who had recently lost her husband and she found a saying on one of my frames that brought a tear to her eye and had to have 5 made up for her & her children).. I love those stories.

I love things that are clean like...I love a clean car, I love a clean house and clean fresh smelling laundry. I love organization tips and all the fun containers that make it happen. I love the quiet moments of a day to just reflect on life. I love tucking my youngest in bed at night and him asking me to tickle his back (and then waking up at night and going in to give him a kiss on the cheek). I love chocolate dipped strawberries & raspberries. I love chocolate alone too! I love Valentines's Day and anything that has to do with hearts and love! I love working in the yard and making things look better than when I began the task. I love fresh flowers... especially in the winter.

Knowing me, I have left out many things that I love, but you get the idea, lastly I love my home and I love being home...with my family.

A special note from Brenda...Karen was the first consignor to Just a Bed of Roses, I was so thrilled and excited to meet such a lovely woman and when I saw her impeccable work with her antique quilted hearts I knew the customers would love them, and they have for 2 years. I could tell precious stories as to where each one of her handmade pieces have gone to. I myself love to use her cards for the special occasions in my life, just used 3 this past week, one for a funeral, one for my grandchildrens nanny and one as a late Christmas. Anyway, being kind of scared to be in a new town where I knew no one, it was a relief to meet such a lovely person right from the beginning.

Not only is she a perfectionist at cutting/color and sewing, she makes our addicting carmel chocolate covered pretzels and granny smith apples which are pictured in a few blogs down.I will get a current picture of her framed heart pictures too on here.

Thanks Karen for sticking with us, the customers love you and your work and all appreciate sharing your talent which you are passionate about and we know your time is limited as you are such a well rounded person....of depth!
We are taking special orders for her spectacular pretzels & apples...just call ahead and you will get them freshly made for your 451-2556


Mimi Sue said...

I do love getting to know some of your contributors to your cute shop. Karen does do beautiful work. Love her stuff. Mimi

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

I love reading the things that you love. Makes me smile :)

Pei Li

Susie said...

Hi Brenda! Karen, that was such a lovely post of all your most treasured things you love. I really enjoyed reading all about you.
The Polka Dot Rose