Friday, February 27, 2009

An educational NIGHT OUT...

What a lucky man that Brent Severe is...he got to hang out with columnist Jeffrey Zaslow for the Wall Street Journal and co-author of the International bestseller,
the Last Lecture and take him to the schools in the district yesterday and then to this awesome dinner and lecture. Picture shown is Randy & Jeffrey...not Brent.

This was sponsered by the Davis Reads and the Davis Education Foundation.I just blogged about the book last week, so it was a special treat to attend this lecture
My husband and I met neat new friends during dinner and many of the shops School district customers.
I also had the weirdest dream...I dreamed I got hired on at the School District in an office which when I went into the room it just didnt do it for I was throwing everything out of the cupboards, drawers, file cabinets, moving the furniture around in the room and decorating it up like a boutique...can you imagine ME being a secretary???
Anyway...Randy Pausch had some memorable thoughts and wisdom that would be good for any of us to incorporate into our lives. One was encouraging patience with others. "Wait long enough, and people will surprise and impress you!"

Thanks for and inspirational NIGHT OUT!

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Kelly said...

Glad you had such a good night out Brenda. And making new friends is wonderful. Haven't read this book yet, maybe oneday, too close to home at the moment. But Ainsley loved it too.
If you ever want to study what your dreams mean... I have dream dictionaries (a little kooky I know, but hey, I believe everything means something!)