Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dreaming of Black and White polka dots!

Just to touch daughter has come to the rescue! She really has and I cant wait to take a picture Friday to show you what she has done to our counter, I will be dreaming of black and white polka dots all night! We are branding the shop THIS YEAR (slowly but surely) and you will love what she has done and yet to do, she's such a little artist.

She complained and complained AND complained about my clutter...which IS everywhere...and really she is justified. SO sorry AND I am embarassed AND overwhelmed. Hopefully I can get in control now, with her help. Thanks a million Shellie and please dont turn me into the OPRAH SHOW, OKAY! I seriously thought she was going to do so today, you know the shows where the women just have piles and piles of STUFF. So let me apologize to my customers, I promise to keep a more attractively decorated shop from here on out, hopefully minimizing the clutter. Just may be able to see the furniture pieces that are on sale, how sweet is that!

Back to bed now as there is TONS more Spring cleaning yet to do this week...and I'm not a young chick anymore. There will lots more coming into Re-creations next week with LOTS of discounts
P.S...I dont know why I put a buttons picture on here, I just thought they were so cute.

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