Sunday, April 6, 2008


As Part of my daughters INTERVENTION with me she has challenged me to shop in my garage to fill the shop up for awhile... you shop owners know all about garages you can never park in, never have, probably never will?

So this is what I brought out first...dont you love it...its a VERY fancy VINTAGE LAMP SHADE. So sorry to have to pull off the "once upon a time" beautiful satin fabric. It has now been re-created into just the wire design and so wonderful to place AS IS on just the right antique lamp. I'm thinking of dangling vintage crystals from it... Of course!

Another idea would be to use it as a planter with a pot in the top filled with beautiful ivy draping down the sides...ooohhh with crystals hanging!
Wish the garage was filled with more...however I think this is it, maybe more are buried?

Check back for more goodies during this INTERVENTION , with my attention span we dont know how long this will last!

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