Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I just read my last post and had to laugh outloud...I meant to say that I was heading to the bank so I could buy some vintage jewelry, NOT meaning to tell you as customers to head to the bank! Ooops, sometimes I should proof read.
Yes, indeed I jewelry shopped and nearly 3 hours...and had to go to the bank two times...AND still didnt get all the piles I wanted to purchase, boo hoo. Maybe next time...wink wink!
I will bring it to the shop wednesday, however it could take some time to sort and price. I can hardly raise my arms to type this as today was furniture refinishing day.,..we took a beautifully style large antique buffet and painted it white, it has an attractive brass railing on the back of it. Also an antique trunk we painted red along with an old deco plant stand and small barrel which would be great in the garden. 2 tall plantation shudders and much more went to Re-Creations.

In the shop I will take 2 matching yellow metal funeral planters which I planted purple and yellow pansies...now can I go to bed???

P.S. wasnt American Idol awesome tonight...I could just kiss that David Archuletta, his song was just uniquely him.


Jill said...

I'm a jewelryaholic, so of course, going to the bank sounds quite appropriate! I'm the "girl" (can you still be a girl at 49?) who had on the junque jewelry bolo tie you liked...I'll be in Sat to see your new finds.

jeni said...

I must head over to check out that jewelry. The piece of furniture sounds great too . . . well, everything you do is fabulous. See you soon! Jeni