Saturday, March 22, 2008

TOMATOES... growing in the Master Bath???

My husband thinks our Master bath is a greenhouse? Thought I better decorate this space for Easter since these cute sprouted tomatoes are thriving in their little egg carton just waiting for May to be planted until then I will deal with the dirt in the bathtub and just enjoy that spring is here now.
Yes, the bathroom accessories are PINK...the wooden piece going across the old claw foot bath tub is a very large Antique Cabbage slicer, it is painted chippy paint pink and it has been so fun to display with over the past 13 years ontop of the tub. There is no way I could ever use one of those new metal ones sold in famous stores. A shabby chic crystal chandaleir hangs above the tub...a bit romantic. I should paint the room chocolate brown...I can pretend until I make time to actually get to then I will have changed my mind anyway!

P.S. The tea stained wrinkly bunny is all homemade and was given to me as a gift from a VERY SPECIAL friend whom makes people she loves her "little dollies."...I had the special priviledge to assist in decorating a few rooms for her fabulous builder Husband Rays Parade of Home house which was a piece of art and a great experience to be a part of. Hope you dont mind me sharing my bunny Diane! It does make the little tomatoe plants so easy to enjoy now!

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