Sunday, March 2, 2008

Take a peek at what is coming into the shop Monday morning...3 chippy paint italian statues, crock, grapes tea pot set, shakers, rosey dishes, tea dyed 6" lace, early 1900' s purple glass, lots of rusty buckets (not shown), black gold metal vintage garbage can.Many of these will be fancied up with vintage lace, ribbons and antique paperie tags for charm.
Plus...we may have 1-2 antique oak buffets with mirrors from the 30'- 40's arrive, will need to squeeze them in some how...?
Lots of the old wicker and metal funeral baskets have JUST arrived with their white chippy paint. I adore them, and its hard for me to sell them as they are something I love to collect. But you know...thats part of being "grown up" and playing I will put my big girl panties on and deal with it...please come in a select one thats right for your decorating.If you buy more than one we can do some dealing on the prices! Arent the gold metal plant stands charming? It's March...time to start thinking DIRT...not dirty now...just dirt!
P.S....some really GREAT news...we may have a BRAND NEW EMPLOYEE coming in this week...stop in to meet Lisa.
The NEW Mexican grill smells so good in our neighborhood must bring your friends down and try the chicken burrito...mmmm such unique good flavor!

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Antique Paperie said...

Beautiful Lace!! Oh my gosh, Love that! My grandma gave me some beautiful Antique pieces of lace I will never ever part with or use. Welcome to Miss Lisa!! I hope she loves it there....
xoxo Sher