Sunday, March 16, 2008

HORTON hears a WHO movie

I give 5 stars to HORTON HEARS A WHO movie out this week-end. It's a must see for your SPRING BREAK activities. Being a Jim Carrey fan I can never miss the FIRST DAY out on his movies, the anticipation just kills me.
Jim is the most adorable HORTON...he is loveable & funny. Mayor's part is very funny, my favorites is when he goes to the dentist and the shot gets his arm...oh so funny. Then his 92 adorable WHO CHILDREN...wait and see where they sleep and what happens when ONE WHO CHILD asks for a drink of water...oh my goodness!
Another hilarious part is when HORTON crosses the swaying bridge...and when the who town has to make noise. Arent we blessed to be able to enjoy creative talents in this world?
We were not able to see it with our grandchildren, HOWEVER they were seeing it in another town at the same time. Lets hope Jim Carrey is working on another Dr. Suess movie.

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