Sunday, March 2, 2008

JEWEL of the SEAS...Royal Caribbean Cruise

Shows you how wide the rooms are! Should have you shown the porthole behind the curtains.
Beautiful PINK ROSES were delivered from our darling daughter & son in law...thank you and we LOVE YOU TWO so much!

Mexican basketball hoop in Chitzaneetza !

Husband ,I & daughter Shellie after lovely formal dress up dinner, & now off to dance!

Towel monkey: Our towels were always made into some kind of animal each day!

Unusual... 6 Toe cat at Ernest Hemmingways home, its one of 47 cats on the property!

Key West

What has:
18,450 fresh eggs. 4,750 lbs of rice. 12,500 lbs fresh vegetables. 11,580 lbs fresh fruit. 556 lbs. coffee. 785 gals ice cream. 31,345 lbs Poultry. 3,650 lbs sugar. 3,500 gals. milk. 185 lbs fresh herbs. 7,500 lbs potatoes. 7,500 bottle liquor. 8,500 cans beer. 5,000 cans soda?
Along with 2,500 guests...800 employees

And you thought that YOUR GROCERY BILL was high!

We had our first experience cruising the Western Caribbean: Key West, Belize, Cozamel, Play del Carmen recently...what was amazing was the ship being so big, beautiful,only 4 years old, run so efficiently, so much to do on and off the ship and IT WAS SO WARM!
Dinners were amazing, buffets non stop and can you beleive I lost 2 lbs (LOTS of walking, dancing and I got the achy flu last 3 days), has anyone ever lost weight going on a cruise vacation? Right now I think there are tons of flu germs on the airplanes, everyone coughing!

Our daughter/husband and the Xocai dark chocolate company that he is the medical advisor for were great fun to hang out with. They sent us a fruit bowl and PINK ROSES, did I tell you how much I love them, they are so good to us. We were entertained by dancing, Kareoke (with the awesome mxi group) and fun times on each island. AHHH the BEACH is nice too! I also lost a bingo blackout by 1 #... could of won 300.00 Oh, and the girls night out SPA treatment mmm!

I'm not use to seeing such poverty as these islands are unlike America and all the blessings and security it provides. I never felt safe on the islands. Saw corrupt policemen filling up on hard alcoholic drinks. Mexico vehicles are simply a piece of metal junk barely rolling down the streets, you have to laugh to keep from crying. And they want to sell you a piece of Toilet paper when that time comes! Oh how I love America!

A few thing I learned is that there are some things a person of my age SHOULD NOT TUBING through a DARK BAT CAVE with whirlpools,rocks and the other is a ZIPLINE THROUGH A JUNGLE...oh my heck I thought my life was going to end right there. I (my 200 lb body)was hanging 3 stories high and stuck 6' from the platform (destination)...I shook and struggled for my life to walk my hands to the end and shook for hours after! I DID NOT FINISH the zipline, NO WAY! Not only that but to GET DOWN there is JUST a rope going straight down...if I had my way I would STILL be there...I was just too frightened to slide straight down that rope. Glad its over and I can laugh about it NOW! On the hour trip to this destination our so called VAN/BUS collapsed with all kinds of smokey problems and a flat tire...lesson learned... stay away from guys named "nacho"!(actually he was a cute guy).

In Key West we walked to Ernest Hemmingways home as they have 47 cats on the property...and being the cat lover that I am it was a must see...cats were laying all over the place, what is so neat about these cats is that many of them have 6 toes, very special to see.

When the achy flu hit me I used my positive attitude thoughts (from Jack canfields book Key to living the law of attraction) and instead of it ruining my trip I had nice thoughts of "wow could there be a better place to be sick, visualized myself relaxing at the georgous resort beach, enjoyed the big blue ocean & sky ,I had the boat almost to myself, told the cutest coke boy he was my boyfriend for the day, as Carl went on a day trip to the famous Chitzaneetza ruins (spelled wrong I know)... how wonderful is that!

Always nice to come home even though it was snowing (ugh) again...the girls kept the shop running well, I thank them.
Now...the next cruise...hmmm... maybe next surely will be to Hawaii or Alaska, no more Mexico for me!

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