Monday, March 17, 2008

Company coming for Easter...we can help

BE amazing chocolate brown and pink wooden plaque...inspiration for young adults! $38.00

Brilliant Dried floral cone...vintage style only 30.00 One of a kind

Beautiful Tuscan style large tile comes with stand...only 28.00

Potted BIRDNEST charming dried floral in brilliant colors, vintage style...65.00

Lime green basket filled with refreshing white daisies, tied with paper birdnest tag 42.00

Bunnies must be multiplying...there's still a selection and so fun to display with! We have plenty of vintage pitchers, tea cups & saucers to liven up your Easter.
Company coming for Easter? We can help fill up your bare spots around your home to add some charm and warmth...these decorations came in just more!

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