Sunday, December 2, 2007

PEPPERMINT DESSERT fluffy & Pretty Pink

Isnt' this a PRETTY PINK fabulous for the holidays and so very easy to make. This is my contribution for the cookie exchange...too busy for cookies at the moment as furniture is selling in the shop and we're having to replace I am doing more decorating than baking , lets put it that way! And it's time to celebrate birthdays for two little grandgirls!

1 qt. whipping cream (dont over whip, my first time turned to butter
1 c. nuts ( I used almonds, walnuts are fine too)

1 c. chopped candy canes, chopped fine in the blender ( I roll with rolling pin first)
20-30 large marshmellows torn in like 4-5 pieces each

Whip cream, crush candy canes and add cut up marshmellow, nuts and add to cream. Freeze, take out of freezer, cut and serve, drizzle with your favorite chocolate sauce, or hot fudge! Yum!

Makes a LARGE pan of them, in picure the glass pan is bigger than the 9 x 13"

Enjoy and look forward to viewing and trying holiday treats from mmp girls and customers!

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Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Brenda, That dessert is so pretty. You should have posted it on the MMP romantic Christmas decorating page. :) Lynn