Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DRUM ROLL..........

Well...its come and gone and was it ever the funnest, as you will see. Shellies ugly sweaters from ebay never showed up, so day of the party she took old christmas stockings, put them on red sweatshirts and put christmas lights on all of them for her family! It wouldnt hurt to start early in the year to find your ugly sweaters, it was much harder than I thought. There were probably 45 guests all decked out in Ugly outfits.

The day before I found a ugly vest and found really ugly handmade ornaments to attach, the back was the best, it has a santa face out of yarn made from a cut up clorox bottle, mine is the first two pictures on this post...I got 3rd prize
My brother looked like Mr. Rogers, my sister is wearing something like an old tablecloth with green crochet edges made into a top, how lucky was she to find this one! My mother was wearing a festive tree shirt!
THE PRESENTS: Oh what fun...here is Greg, he loves the Hog Movie, wants a Harley, now he has one and a jacket! I did 'THE NIGHT BEFORE HER FUNERAL" for my mother as she has a new funeral phobia and has laid out her rules for how she wants her funeral! Veronica got a glittery fishing pole and bait bag. Steve got a camaflauged container to hide his dr. pepper
Shellie got Her favorite shoes: they have a glow sticks in the heels and are clear plastic, for her pole exercising!
It was sooo much fun to see how the presents matched the person .
Instead of using a tv remote control for my sandras present, my son took a computer keyboard, a big size is just what she needed. She loved it, she could control everything and anything, we all laughed alot. We served lasagna, salad, garlic bread and everyone brought homemade goodies. We partied for 5 hours and really didnt want it to end then...we will see what next year brings?

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Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh what fun ! How wonderful to have a large and loving family and a house filled with laughter.

Merry Christmas...