Saturday, December 29, 2007

I need SUPERVISION please!

Seriously when I am left on my own to houseclean I get SO distracted by my projects...that's why I need "hazel" the maid to just come in while I am gone and do her magic. Only one thing though, I don't have a Hazel and I keep wishing and begging for one. I do the SECRET, however I beleive I am doing it wrong. You are suppose to beleive that it is happening already and not just WISHING for it to happen, right
So here is what I did yesterday in the name of doing housework...
In Dec. I acquired a big basket of the antique spools and my first intention was to spray paint them white,green,black or even pink. As I was admiring them from long ago and their beautiful patena I just couldnt' bring myself to get out the paint can and besides its 15 degrees here!

So,I tied some beautiful tea dyed ribbon on them and they will now be headed to "Just a bed of roses" where someone will find them as a CHARMING vintage treasure for themselves or buy as a gift for someone special.
My mind is on the "Romantic" look right now, lace, hearts, crystal, silver, vintage romantic love songs, roses, reds pinks and whites and lets not forget the chocolate...oh never!

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Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Those are just gorgeous !! I also love the bed that you made into a bench ~ how beautiful ! I would love to come see your Brick and Mortar store someday !