Thursday, December 6, 2007


Here is a "sneak peek" for the ugliest Christmas sweaters (or outfit) contest for our family Christmas party this year...all 50 of us are on a mad dash searching through the thrift store racks and laughing hysterically at what we are finding! You should see my sisters sweater who is a real estate agent...Oh it's ugly! Just cant wait to post pictures of this party which is mid dec.
To top it off we have to bring a "gag" gift for the person whos name we drew. My husband has our sons girlfriend who is a very "girly girl" and he is a fisherman, so she is getting this fishing pole that is just so glittery and glam along with a fluffy bait bag! Get the picture!
If you are in a delima on a fun family party this is a great idea, keeping in mind your guests need to be the fun creative type.

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