Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vignette the HONEYMOONERS...I'll send you to the MOON Alice!

 For the Roses and Rust show in Boise I am putting together vignettes on fbook and having the followers
give them a name, preferably Halloween related.

 This one is the HONEYMOONERS...with Ralph (Jackie Gleason) and Alice his wife.
He was always going to "SEND ALICE TO THE MOON"  a famous saying of his.

 Jackie was short and round...figured he could use some medication..probably smelled like Old spice.
Alice was the housewife...she did all the work. cooking. cleaning etc...Ralph got to go to work and play.

 This vignette is mostly black, white, creams with touches of reds and blues. This vignette has been
tweaked since it got its name...I will display it at the event and post the final display after the show.
Will show a photo of people on the MOON digging in the dirt...looking for ALICE!

 Tea dying crochet tablecloths and spreads and doilies for the "aged" look.

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