Sunday, September 7, 2014

Loving Fall...aren't you!

 We have a Special and sweet 8 year old granddaughter who was baptised just yesterday...she's so pretty in her white ruffly dress with her hair so adorable...her little pinkies popped up on the first dip, so she got two! Her daddy is our son Tim.

 Mr. roses has been working the yard...I purchased 6 old water meter covers from fbooks site: vintage yard sale utah.

We're still collecting for the upcoming markets...and sorting/tagging like crazy...
makes me a little crazy and both of us tired!
But...that's what we love!

 60 QUARTS salsa is completed...ta dah!  Thanks to Mister for this project!

 When you come up to our Vintage market this WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY...take some extra time to
stop in Willard for fresh produce. Isn't our weather beautiful!

 ANNOUNCEMENT: JUST A BED OF ROSES will be a vendor at the Sept. 26th and 27th vintage market in BOISE at their fairgrounds...we are excited to be a part of this market...Boise is a fun place to shop vintage, come on up for a weekend get-away. (more on it after this week).

Across the street from this my friend Cheri's shop good goods and co....clean cut vintage goods, you'll really enjoy. we purchased and antique display case from this shop we'll be picking up.

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