Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vignette #2...What ever happened to BABY JANE

 For the boise roses and rust show...a baby and woman themed vignette...being named as I type.
I would have named it What ever happened to baby jane...but we'll see what the fbook friends chose.
Baby doll, photos, jewlery, white pop beads, chalkboards.

 This mirrored wall hanging is neat in antique gold, filled with all kinds of fun creams, silver, gold, off white, touches of pinks and blues.

 Wasn't it betty davis who played in that movie?

 I purchased some new vintage jewelry over the weekend...excited to get it out for halloween season.

Vintage is so fun to use for your holidays...heck...you don't even have to buy commercial products to create
scary. haunted. creepy. just collect some of your things and start creating!

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