Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tempt yourself... vintage market WED-FRIDAY THIS WEEK

 Tempting little aged lamp shades

 BLUE chenille double still your heart, so tempting?

 vintage furs...who are you dressing up like for halloween parties?

 Pink roses tole chest filled with wonderful vintage and more

 Several typewriters in 4 different era's and styles

 Vintage Knitting threads in original box...sweet temptations! satin and creamy lace slip, more slips and nighties

 Tis the season we are tempted to use more black and white than ever!

 We have Eddie Walker collectables from the 90's...fall. halloween and christmas ones.

 Tempted to read some vintage thoughts...

Christmas will surely tempt you get get an early start!

Come make your piles... THIS WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY  9-6
2037 s. 2700 w.
west haven

all pricing will have the SALES TAX included in the price.
makes it easy for all of us that way!
we do have the visa square for cards and we always love cash.

vintage matters

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