Saturday, September 6, 2014

I'll get you my little PRETTIES...

 I'll get you "my little pretties"...NEXT:  Wed-Friday 9-6  Shopette opened in West haven
2037 s. 2700 w.   plus an outdoor vintage market and a yard sale included~

 PRETTY fun...inside. shop is filled to capacity and displayed.

 Large round etched mirror with original sold tags from boyles furniture in Ogden!
We just tagged medium mirrors with frames that need paint jobs (and frames) from the garage too.
$5.00-15.00 each. Lets say Mr. roses wants this garage emptied out!

 So many PRETTIES in whites, dripping crystals...and touches of blacks.

 Art pieces in vintage to PRETTY UP your home

 PRETTY wonderful ornaments and old beautiful books


PRETTY sweet sized pinkie and blue boy...also a set of them in large antique gold frames~

 Roses always SO PRETTY in plates and dishes. (not lacking in glassware at all).

 PRETTY ocean blue like new, but vintage long beach calif. satin pillow cover with fringe.

 New selection on vintage tablecloths right from estate cedar chest, never been used with tags.
This one so elegant, PRETTY NEAT!

 Black is still the best color for this time of year.. but Orange is the new black?
How about some old cook books...this one is 1954.

Still adding JUNK to the outside from the garage and piling up the rolling carts with 1-5.00 items
at PRETTY GREAT DEALS!  We have really worked at pricing reasonably inside and outside for this.

Come enjoy the fall weather with us...I'll post some other things you can do and see in this area soon.

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Lisa said...

Okay, so what you're saying is there will be a shopping event at YOUR HOUSE next week? I want to be clear about this.