Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Antique shopping Utah

SHOP Utah antiques...Here is my prize from shopping last weekend. Rusty table on wheels.
We purchased the rusty top that has stainless steel insides that came from a JB's restaurant.
(probably kept the food in it for serving with ice, there's a drain in the middle). Measures almost 9' x 4'.
Is your mind taking you to all kinds of uses for this piece?

 Right now...I'm going to use it for displaying things for selling outside the shopette. When it turns winter it may be a porch table. I had bought this piece, paid for it and when i came back they had sold it to someone for more money.(claiming that the owner didnt know I had bought it, but 3 other people knew, fishy) I stood my grounds as to fairness, they thought I would just brush it off and say ok. But I really wanted THIS table. I was promised another one. Next I was told I could have it for the price the other person paid. (i was kind of fuming inside, really???) THEY were the ones who had set the price to begin with and I had paid that. Carl said yes lets do it (cause he wasn't going to take a crying wife all the way home to live with,was he?). He's a smart man!

 well, he got his treasures, by now you know he loves display cases and we don't have one "like this"...its rounded and trimmed in brass. I do believe it's for pastries,what do you think?

We have also purchased a very large unique Bakers antique display requires a trip for pick it may be in the fall.
 Here is the display case that broke transporting it home (we never break stuff). The sellers insisted it stand upright, carl wanted to lay it down. It crumbled, we are lucky to have this one door that made it. I hate it when something lives so long and then we're responsible for breaking it.

 Another great find...not sure what its original use was for. We are also looking for the great big ones with rolling wheels. We fill them up and roll our event stuff in and out of the trailer. If you come across any let us know.
We also came across this precious tambourine it had been used by the Salvation army (parades?)
I grouped it in an old farm basket with a beautiful red and gold Colliers atlas, a cast iron antique bank and the tambourine on  top of an old cashier case...the meaning: Travel the world like a gypsy!

 Purchased some beautiful old frames...we are keeping this one, carl won't part with the photo, he says it belongs. Makes me think to put it by some antique books, she's a thinker. These pieces all came out of Montana, but were sold in utah.

 3 vintage manniquins for my daughter...their naked, can't post. She is thrilled! She is an artist and loves to paint/sculpture the human body so they will go in her studio and probably come out for halloween knowing her!

This is for sale right now: Antique cast iron bed turned into a bench with a custom made storage box. My friend mary jane is selling this from her home. It's super well made, had to be cut and welded,  It's a double bed size.I can get the measurements.
She would like 695.00 for this piece and you can contact me about it. She would probably sell the displays on top. 801-628-0890 (my cell).
with the lid opened. Fun for renting if your a wedding planner.

Fun antique shopping right here in Utah...there are some events coming up soon...i'll blog about them later.
(not giving my sources right now on where I got my treasures, sorry, oh so sorry, not until I am done shopping there!).

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