Sunday, July 13, 2014

Right smack in the middle of summer

 Being right smack in the middle of is our first little juliettes waiting for tomorrow's 100 degrees to ripen up...can't wait!
How is your garden growing by now?

 We ended up at the 25th street ogdens first of the season Farmers market saturday. I had wanted to go to Utah county to shop, but could not get out of bed early for anything. They had a nice western shoot out. tons of vendors, lots of customers. A tractor show too, this little beauty was just like carls dads row crop farming tractor.

 The produce was glorious...and we wondered why we were growing a garden??? They have everything you need each week fresh and home grown, priced affordable too. I mean, it's hard work if you have ever tried.

 Husband won't long as there are projects, he tackles them, doesnt matter the temps. This is a very large primitive dresser that will be making its make-over debut Nov. 15th fleattitude at the salt lake fair grounds. It will be pickle green with a nice brownish glaze.

 Because it's going to reach 100 degrees monday...(and I don't want to be outside repurposing anything) I will be selling a bunch of small collectables in groups for reasonable pricing...this is on fbook site: vintage yard sale utah. You can join. I will be selling hopefully starting at 11:00 a.m monday. You can pick up in west haven, or I can ship, or...we can take to fleattitude in pleasant grove August 9th which is our next event we sell at.

Hope your enjoying your summer days...hope to see some of you soon, I really do miss everyone. really and truely. Love to hear what you have been doing. 

Note: nov. 15 we will be selling vintage christmas at the fleattitude at the state fair grounds, joni will be doing this event also. This may be our ONLY CHRISTMAS thats why i am giving you a heads up to attend. It will be fabulous!

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Mimi Sue said...

Saving up to come see you at Fleattitude! Been meaning to email you with all our doings but can't seem to find the time. Maybe this week! Miss you and your cute little store. And Joni too!