Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Side tracked by vintage in the good old summer time

 Many of you are wondering when the Just a bed of roses Shopette will re-open.
The truth is I keep getting side tracked...with home projects, antique shopping, one day trips etc.
I did get this window section completed...taking the footboard to a curved bed and placing it for a window treatment. The wonderful fluffy slips are from a purchase at the Farm chicks show recently...I knew immediatly where they would be going. That meant messing up the shop.

 I also bought this sweet antique cupboard in coerdelane to use for collectables.
Probably not for selling quite yet. The shop has alot of new pieces that need pricing and it all takes time.
hang in there, be patient.

 I am looking for 2 more curved footboards for the other if you come across any...give me a hollar. 801-628-0890

 Pretty pretty things.
Display case under window has been redesigned with antiques, they too are not for selling.

 By being sidetracked...This piano front piece, (do you love the wood grain?) the piece where the sheet music is placed was hiding behind a piece of furniture, pulled it out and we placed the dang heavy thing above our front door. (we  hurt and ache from it too).
I thought for each season of placing some old sheet music and records on it.
we should be downsizing
but that's not happening.
We are doing some rotating though and some of those items
we will be selling.

 I bought this neat Black cat sheet music at the roses and rust in Boise recently.
Do you love?

 This is a small childs headboard that was in rough shape, I plaster of paris'd it...and it was not fun.
It goes hard really fast, I thought it would be more pliable. So after 3 hours of work on this we are ready to hang it up above the kitchen sink.

I will show you the finished results soon, I guess when its hung!

 When the shopette opens, there will be immaculate pieces of Pyrex for purchasing.

alot of colors and designs.
priced reasonably.
 I also have about a dozen cake domes, vintage, some on pedestals...may sell next week on vintage yard sale utah fbook. I'll announce it here.

Until then...have a very happy july 4th and enjoy all the celebrations Utah has to offer.

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