Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Get out there and discover what antiques have YOUR name on it

we found...
Walnut piece for above our double doors in house
discovered at Roses & Rust Market

 Walnut piece for hanging... from Roses and Rust Market in Boise.

Shepherds picture with magnificent coloring (bad photo) 
My maiden name is Shepherd so I love this art.
Discovered in antique shop Coeur d'alene Id. 
(Anniversary present)
Still NEED to blog about Coeur d'alene, it's so charming and beautiful.

 2 Old handmade Porch planters...discovered 2nd day shopping at Farm Chicks in Spokane.

 First big purchase at Farm chicks.Olde porch chairs just call out to me...can't seem to resist.
I can sell this extremely large antique basket: $135.00  801-628-0890 make a great rental or a unique garden porch piece.

 Farm chicks find...wonderful patina yard chair, haven't I told you Farm chicks has unique!

 Industrial green metal garbage can, step on lever and it opens, my husband's find at farm chicks.

 Missoula, Montana 4 floors antique mall (you must go, it's just as you enter town.) We love old school desks, a must for this oldie pencil sharpener and garbage can. We found another school grouping, will post and also about butte mont. findings.

 Boise mall we got started on this design of Pyrex. Spent 4 hours there.

 Carl buys stuff like this...
and this...
He loves general store items.
 I go for things like vintage milinary...picked up some neat pieces will show soon.

 and a leather Dr.'s bag that's the perfect size to USE as a purse (found in boise at Enchanting objects).

 How about this sweet bed jacket in pale aqua, from Montana antique mall, Missoula.

 Very old childs trunk for displaying found treasures (montana mall).

 For my Oldest Grandson who is soon to be in Paris...hope this helps! (boise mall)

 Here's my favorite...4 piece kitchenette, metal, Wolverine 1940's. Owner Jane was selling it in boise mall.
Another anniversary present (I play that card well!)

 Jane got it when she was 8 years old and that was 1948, she took such good care of it the sink stopper, so small is still there. She apologized for the rust inside, because she played with it, it really pours water from the faucet.
 Little stove, with over door that pulls down. The food packages I already had Rare to find a one owner set.

 Polar refrigerator...take a peek inside the door...
Painted on groceries!
Jane asked if I had little ones who would be discovering my new pieces...I said NO!
Not sure my grandchildren would even be interested?
I played with the Barbie kitchen sets, they had tons of accessories.

So, the moral of the story is...antique treasures are out there with YOUR name on them, get going!
(we'll have some fun pieces to sell in the near future).

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Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

You found a LOT of cool stuff Brenda! Thanks for sharing and I love Coeur D'Alene's one of my favorite spots in WA. xo