Friday, November 1, 2013

An antique. vintage. Industrial style show NOT TO MISS!

 Today we set up 10 the weber county fairgrounds
for the amazing one of a kind and biggest antique show in the state of Utah...I took a quick run around before leaving...and I saw magnificent furniture almost breath taking. What I know you as our customers would love is so many pieces of Industrial, pieces to organize with, decorate with, rustic, holiday, galvanized. These dealers come in from other states
to sell their stuff they have collected through the years and this past summer.
I am finally offering 3 antique breaks my heart to do so...they are of the finest quality...and the pricing is for  your quilt prices are really low right now, so they could make a great investment.

selling my collections too...this one noahs ark from wolfcreek.
selling a beautiful big gray scale toledo brand...its wonderful.

 Also this door and a large window same style which has to be
close to 5'x 5'  also a very primitive old red paint tool chest with lid and drawers. I am sharing my space with Heidi the show producer...and she has just the best industrial and rustic woods, you will want to pay special attention.
She has a nice collection of glass door knobs too.

 Outside Heidi has alot of her primitives and industrials...
grab us for a sold tag, if you can't find her.
You'll find plenty to decorate for your thanksgiving holiday.
 Another thing we are parting with...this is a gigantic coat
rack...from an old school or church. Someone will be very lucky to own this piece, you'll find it just as you go inside the door to the left. 
 Here are the legs to the antique coat rack.

 All of our antique mercury glass garlands have been measured and bagged glad Mr. roses is still recovering
and can sit and do odds and ends projects for selling for me.
You will love this nice selection of garlands. I also have 2 sizes of the reproductions in antique silver, you'll adore.

 Loaded up is a very large antique mailbox fastened to an old
farm produce scale...this will be in the entree of the show too.

 remember the shop in farmington is closed right now while it gets prepared for Christmas.

 we re-open...Nove 15  and will be there everyday through christmas...and after.

You'll find our event sign in the window...I just love it!
Hope you do too.
see you at the antique show...this weekend.
don't forget to turn your clocks back sunday!

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