Tuesday, November 19, 2013

bundling Christmas is art

Once upon a time...Compositions notebooks were common...this one, dated 1927 has pages written in cursive with an ink pen, pages describing a mansion, hired help, in alot of detail. More than sweet. Vintage books available and flying out the door.

Joni has done her "bundling" of Christmas in old game boxes, a work of art. Hurry, they are going quicker than she can keep up.

It will take some time to enjoy her work and pick the ones that will make your holiday decorating and gift giving just right and unique.

Joni loves to wrap her creations in nice cello, making them a "ready to go" gift. Will put a smile on anyone's who's the receiver!

Mercury wreaths, ornaments, and garlands speak loudly antique...they are antiques for the future.

we have alot of aqua Christmas going on this year.

Antique high boy, antique oak hall tree, tall back bench, marble top lamp stand, childs rocker, white painted buffet.

Lets not forget...a standing galvanized chicken feeder to die for...just arrived. From pretty to rustic we have it covered for the season. 

open everyday this week, except sunday 10-6

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Mimi Sue said...

EEEEEK!! Love it all! Got home tonight. I'll be in tomorrow before all the good stuff's gone!