Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Re-claimed, repurposed, making old new again kinda thing going on

 Chalkboards...distressed wooden frames...rustic-a!

 Re-claimed...or making something old new again:
and old wooden money drawer becomes a box for stuff!

 This is the neat antique hardware we chose to put on the front: BIG glass knob and a door plate that's very unusual.

 Digging in my storage drawers in my workroom I discovered
this pile of old leather belts...and i went "ah ha!"  on  pinterest they have been using them as vintage santa belts like on pillows etc...very creative...they will be in the shop Thursday.

Gingerbread boy on old cookie sheet trimmed with pine and holly...we'll only have several this year. These gingerbreads will be the future antiques as they hold up forever.

Open EVERYDAY...EXCEPT SUNDAYS now till Christmas, except the Thanksgiving and the day before.  10-6

note: if the WINDS are super bad Thursday, we just MAY close at 5:00 so be warned and hunker down.

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