Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beauty BAR...when in New York

When in New never know what you will find next door

 Beauty salon turned into a Martini's and Manicure

 Glittered. glitzy. sparkly. and filled with vintage beauty salon type products in abundance in cases.

 Martini menu...(must turn head sideways)...I'll have the Perm Please!

 Row of hair dryer sip your martini's and be pampered.
 Someone was pretty creative.

 Place filled with nostalgia...gee I'd love to see all that vintage stuff...
I did hair from 1972-till hmmmm, well, it was a long long time.

 Shellie my daughter discovered this place after her bike ride at Central Park.
What's the chances of it being called Jeans...that's my middle name and nick name Jean!

 I'm sure while she sat there she had some de ja vu going on...I had a salon in our home.
The kids loved to play in there and hang out with the customers having their hair dried.

Hope you enjoyed some New York on line today...unless you just happen to be there!

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