Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Window peeking the past

Virginia City, Montana...90 mins. from island park.
Old old mining town...gold fever. Walk the street and window peek into the past.a Dusty place. Patina everywhere. Neat old doors and windows, original. Old wood, a match could take this place down. Few museums of animal fur coats, barber and dentist chairs, cooks wagon, clothing of the time, photo's, ceilings of embossed painted metal. General store. antique tins. trunks. ice cream shop. blacksmith shop. again dusty. wondering what the "laboratory" meant in those days, maybe testing for the metals? 

If you were a photographer...it would be fascinating to capture. More photo's can be googled. these were mine. 
This place closes down sept 21. for the season. 

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