Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What can you do with these...

we will have on hand vintage jars of all types
thru Christmas
(at least 50 at all times)

many will arrive each day decorated uniquely for
"one of a kind" gift giving
and many will come "plain jane."
(been digging in the archives)

Christmas fragrances have arrived:
elegant fragrances
Christmas and everyday scents 
mercury glass candles wrapped with style 

You'll love them all

perfect for gift giving
(these would work for the men on your list)
travel tins too
(don't you love to travel with a candle)

vintage florals for the holidays

Galvanized Christmas
wouldn't it be neat to put a tree in this one?
The others for centerpieces?
endless possibilities

woolly lambs in rosey color
reminds me...
Does any one remember the
woolly lamb boutique MANY years ago in Ogden?

mica flakes, mercury santa heads,
wooden totes...silver wreaths.

Gingerbread men with burlap...

My new galaxy 3 smart phone has out smarted me...
this is going to take some time to figure out!
(using other camera till then)
I barely know how to answer this thing.
to say the least!

shop Farmington this Christmas!
thursday. friday. saturday. monday.

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