Sunday, November 11, 2012

New York is broken

Nevi (wearing red) learned about
hurricane Sandy
hitting New York
she said...
"New york is broken,we need to fix it."
So with her cousins they held a successful bake sale
at their grammys (becky stratford-west haven)
this week for the victims of Sandy.
They have also sent their story to
Ellen Degeneres show 
(if she picks this up I'll post again).

ANYTIME they hold a bake sale
I'm going...
it was really REALLY good!

I mentioned several of my retailer friends in
New Jersey were affected by Sandy.
Joanne of
sent this photo of her boys
just this week...

They were having clothing sent to their community - but
No electricity, gas,very cold, sleep huddled.
Dump trucks all day long going by.
She doesnt even mention her shop.
She mentioned many of her neighbors have
lost everything.
actually we hear very little
probably due to electricity.

It made me REALLY realize how ill
prepared I am for an emergency,
both at home and at work.
I ask why don't you do
something more about it???

How about you?

If you can help these two causes/states
here is your opportunity.

Oh, and please send NEW socks of any size:
Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, 08742

I'm sure they would feel blessed by you.

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