Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas at last...

Have a comforting Thanksgiving day

It's arrived...and will be in the shop
friday: 10:00-5:30
$20.00 includes tax
and if you'd like it shipped do a paypal
on the blog sidebar or send payment
to this email:
will ship daily.

in Farmington
at Just a bed of roses!

We are celebrating
by gifting you
10% off your entire purchase
both days!
We have new gifts in and on their way,
scents, charms, vintage decor etc.

CANNOT wait to share my book review
Glamping with Mary Jane,
it was gifted to me from
Suzanne (former General store owner)
It is 100 times more than I
could have imagined it to be.

We will be carrying them soon.
In fact...I think we'll do a glamping week
at the shop when they arrive.

You can prepay for one with the 10% off
Friday/saturday this week if you'd like.

BEST gift for those who love to travel,
or contemplating it.
Fun Fun and more fun
well, it's a riot and full of detail!

I'll bring it in Friday okay.

a card I sent my sister

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