Thursday, November 1, 2012

a Farmington fall...

wear a 60's broach this fall season

Seasonal florals
starting with "naturalistic"
planted in an old ice skate.

Vintage sissor collection
selling individually
planted in vintage buttons.

Outside the shop
ANYTHING placed outside
is 1/2 off
like this wonderful lounger
only 42.50 on sale
from the 60's
ladders, galvanized pans,
wood and metal boxes
2 dress forms only 45.00 each, sale price.
and more.
thursday. friday. saturday
15 e. state
across from the courthouse


Your welcome to prepay for your
dec. Jeanne d arc Dec. issue
due first of dec.
(we only get 20 copies per month)
18.95 U.S prices
remember this comes from Denmark.
This will be the only
Christmas issue from this company
that we will carry.
Our new Nov. issue just arrived
it's wonderful!

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