Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our doors open to Christmas

we've gotten fresh
at just a bed of roses
(well since last spring)

we change with each season

6 years ago our shop was a floral shop,
we are always getting walk-ins for fresh.

anyway, it seems only natural to be somewhat live
since we are a naturalistic lifestyle market.

Joyoux Noel
a complete Christmas fragrance
in candles
Makes heaven and nature sing!

Birdnest in silvers make a jar floral
our large and small silver wreaths now in,
anything mercury glass is selling out fast!

Icy pine elegance in candles

13 new designs in Charm-its
buy 5 get the 6th free promotion thru Christmas

(reviewing this book tonight, can hardly wait)

This book is a total RIOT from what I can tell.
Mr. roses is buried in it as I speak.
Phil Noyes/author is a history buff and a tv personality
on the subject of travel in america.

It's filled with vintage photo's and trailer history.
check back for more
I can think of so many people
who would love receiving this book!

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