Saturday, June 30, 2012

AMERICANA 101 for the next 31 days...

We're SO happy
 it's Patriotic July month 


This month of July we WILL CELEBRATE by blogging 


 and maybe ADD to your fun ideas
on what to do in JULY.
(the kids aren't bored yet are they?) 


A aloha hello...from JONI
Aloha to you too!

It's so AMERICAN to take a CHALLENGE

We  did THIS today...
got rid of OVER 100 things
waaaay over 100 things


hey, it feels SO good!

Thanks for supporting us at the yard sale!
My workroom is now half full or half empty?

Get ready for a 4th of July picnic at home

Here is a project: STENCIL STARS on the lawn, 
might keep your children busy an hour?


Have you been to Maddox in Perry lately?
They make fresh strawberry pie
(just in case you need a little road trip and don't want to cook)
they have the best lunches and dinners
steak. seafood. chicken.
 you can even eat HEALTHY
(except for those yummy fresh handmade rolls)
You may find fresh picked cherries at the road side stands.

Wave the GRAND OLD FLAG from your porches!
In fact
take LEISURE time to sit out on your porch,
enjoy all nature provides us in JULY!

Our Americana will be 40% off next weekend
along with newly arrived fun purchases fresh off
 an estate farm.
You'll love some of my rustic pickin's...
do you like old gas tank lids, keys, farm baskets,
varieties of old bread pans, gates?

I can't wait to get them ready this week

Please enjoy your summer

Your welcome to share YOUR summer fun here too!

Fireworks not necessary to have a fun July, right?

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