Sunday, June 10, 2012

Farm stuff...for sale at the Home front

Here is my
"Just a bed of roses"
at home!
Love it when the roses are a bloomin'

Another farm piece with Roses billowing all over.

Decorating the out doors with "farm stuff" is alot of fun.

Selling "farm stuff" from the Homefront this week:
2 large milk cans $45.00 each
Smaller one $40.00

Large blue milk can $40.00

Pot belly stove
Round Oak brand
a gem!

very large antique Farm wheel

Rusty metal Horsey on wheels planter
I have the planter box that fits inside.

Large folding vintage fence
with green patina

here is the green patina

old Sythe

Green vintage wheelbarrow

hand cultivator

Barnstyle wooden door with hinge
nice patina

very large rusty saw blade

6 antique rusty handsaws
$40.00 for all

Selection of oil/gas cans
10.00 each (and more styles)

This is way cool even though hard to see well.
It's a very large basket with feet.
This basket was placed ontop of cars for
say "road trips" with the family, filled with
suitcases, picnic supplies or sporting goods.
Probably from the 40's or 50's
very rare to find one of these babies!

pretty sure there is lots more to come,
just had to start SOMEWHERE!

Selling from the homefront this week
Weber county
If you want something brought to the shop
call and let us know or email.
delivery to shop on tuesday and Thursday
in Farmington.
we can put it on your visa card if necessary.
Another form of payment would be paypal.
We always take cash!
I'm also opening an ETSY shop
Monday morning.
We'll have a button on the blog soon but for now
you can find it by typing in

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