Sunday, July 1, 2012

Americana 101...WE love a parade

 July parades...

"I wanna go back"

She now is published in the Davis clipper
and a Syracuse paper.
The blog I go to for a really good laugh, for being real
and she can pull it off with no photo's,
yes, she's that good!

parade of HORSES

ELVIS on PARADE in San Francisco
this parade in May has 100,000 who participate
If you want to be in a parade
just show up dressed wild and crazy or
even bare naked, some do, that's easy!

Bathing beauties
on parade

why not have a sailing cupcake

However you Love a parade...just show up!


Mimi Sue said...

Now that red white and blue is the correct colors for the 4th of July. You got it right. Unlike others I won't mention. A bare naked parade? Lets try it in Kaysville. How do you think that'd go over? Mimi

Lisa said...

FANTASTIC Americana! Of course, you understand the real meaning of what this nation was founded upon, and how important it is to stay true to its roots. I wish I could climb into your blog and live there for a forever. ;)