Wednesday, June 27, 2012

digging in the coops and barns

Have I mentioned this job of mine is physical and dirty?

Very Physical in fact

right now we are digging on a two acre farm
going through sheds, trailers, barns, chicken coops,
running from hornets, trying not to get tetnus from
rusty elements on the farm, and let's not think of the
other things out there...ugh!

ohhh, the years of dust and rust

I'd say it's all for you...but I too need to be rewarded with
a few of the treasures,
ya know, FIRST PICK!

We hauled into the shop this week 2 truck loads,
some old. some new.

Next week there will be more and then more

a hint...
there will be some great industrial pieces for you to
organize 'STUFF' in your workspaces
lots of patina
steam punk

Just so you know
I would complain about my hard physical job
but it's so much fun while we are doing it!

just sayin'...

see you this
thursday. friday. saturday.

Yes, outdoor community yard sale is saturday
we are all boxed up
please come buy it all, okay!


Jeanne D'Arc  July is in now
along with Mary Janes farm
great summer reading

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