Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SHE patterned her life around Naturalistic millinery and industrial rustique

Vintage notions, antique wooden slats clothes dryer,
antique coal irons, sad irons, metal laundry baskets and clothes hangers for decorating,
galvanized washtubs, standing wooden clothes wringer, wooden ironing boards, rusty ironing board, a pink and flamingo clothes hampers, wooden clothes pins, more crinkly ribbons, vintage handmade linens and pillows,
plus we have replaced some sold furniture spaces with
some more vintage pieces...come see!

Joni's been creating vintage inspired handmades
for sometime for this theme
 your in for a treat to be impressed and inspired
as I always feel when she creates.

It's worth the trip just for her mercantile goods!

treadle sewing machine just in
"White"  brand in antique tiger oak

edible buttons
how did they do that?

also edible found on the shops pinterest:
just a bed of roses

Pattern your life around Naturalistic millinery and industrial rustique

You'll receive a vintage clothes pin with each purchase you make on:
thursday. friday. saturday.

at home...
Marriage...it's all about give and take, right?

He gives... I take, alot, usually... BUT this time
I "put up" with the little vegetable garden seeds
that turn into thriving plants in our clawfoot bathtub!

seeds are little miracles aren't they?
Mother Nature is awesome

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