Monday, April 16, 2012

5 minutes on a tropical island

Here is a refreshing green smoothie...
spinach, kiwi, pear
and coconut juice with lime.
(fresh strawberries is a nice addition too)

Time out...

Palm trees swaying...ahhh

Trying new things to add for liquids in smoothie,
many times I use water
and other times almond milk.

Thinking I need to put on some sunglasses

Flax Oil 
now goes into the green smoothies.
(getting use to drinking GREEN)

Essential fatty acids are unsaturated Omega 3 which our diets need to be supplied. EFA's regulate blood pressure,
clotting, heart rate, repaire cells membranes and eliminate waste. Balance hormones and fight depression and anxiety

Coconut Oil
a good fat the body uses to produce energy.
Medium-chain fatty acids are necessary for pretty hair and skin and enhances the immune system with nutrients. It supplies quick energy  as they are metabolized in the liver like carbs and not stored as belly fat.

You can use on your face and body, makes a good hair conditioner too.

 Your skin is like a giant mouth
 be careful what you feed it.

It's for cooking too, you can have 1-4 TBS per day.

Uke music in the distance...
 think it's Blue Hawaii & little grass shack.

feet in warm salty sand
Blue skies.

if only... for 5 mins.

Monday morning dreaming

Shout Out...20 lbs. loss and Mr. Roses 25!
(Eating healthy has it's rewards doesn't it)

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