Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garden Vignettes

Garden Vignettes need to be based in.
Here our bushes had winter kill and we are replacing
this area with an newly acquired antique water pump, wash tubs and cast iron garden bench.

Do you have antique water pump envy?
some of you do, I know it.

This is just outside my sunroom, I want it to be
colorful, faces south, needs sunloving plants.

Look what I found hidden in a drawer in the garage.
Mr. almost horder lives here and I must protect him
from his hording disease so we can live here.
I'll stay vigilant looking for his stashes
and pass them on to you.

That's great customer service?

Just agree and I'll bring more!

On warm 86 degree weather sunny days
be caught curled up with a book

If these colors don't suit you, there's a
gray one out there...so I have heard!

It's still going to be fun to see who ends up with
the vintage bobbing set of flamingo's!

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