Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April road trip...

Another road trip
(only we flew in)
Temecula "old Town"
Temecula is wine country, obviously as you drive
the hills are lush with vineyards.

This was the big antique shop in the middle of town.
Filled with more vintage jewelry than I have ever seen in one spot.
Temecula had energy, lots of visitors walking around.

Mr. Roses found him a vintage toy
we had to mail it home.
I'll show you when it arrives.
what were we thinking?'s a July 4 toy for boys.

This time at Dr. Yeh's natural medicine the trellis was loaded with red blossoms.
It was 97 degrees inland
soaked it up april, it turned chilly and drizzly on us. 

Across from the ocean at crystal bay state park was Pelican Hill

and the Newport coast Marriotts condo's.

Spectacular place to stay with the lush green
foliage and flowers.
I thought it was heaven, just waiting to hear the
mormon tabernacle singing in the background!

a sleepingr fourteen yr. old under this little pile!

Inside lovely and modern.
Grandsons enjoyed the recreational places.
They loved smacking each other with a tether ball too!

Stunningly beautiful and green
so refreshing again with that nice ocean smell.

Grandsons turned the staircase into a slippery slide!
They make us so happy.

It's not what you think they are doing...
but what are they doing?
cause the wouldn't.
Pretty sure of it.

Here again at Laguna beach.
Seafood, steaks, our favorite healthy places too eat.
Have you ever dined at Los Brisis at Laguna?
Sits right at the ocean
It's a must do.

We tried a small quaint night out dining at
the Quiet woman.

Located Corona del mar on the coast highway.
Large salad served on a huge lazy susan.
Seafood soup

Traveling about the coast were fruit stands.
If anyone reading this knows the name of these oranges and happens to know if they are sold in Utah,
let us know where please.
They are the sweetest things, almost like eating a
tangy teaspoon of sugar and so juicy.
Had we known they were so good, and they could be
taken on the airplane, we would have loaded up.
Pretty sure I just found them at walmart, only
double the price/half the amount.
but it's okay
they are worth it.

 we can't go to the california Island Mall
and not go to Casey's...
just sayin'
Wouldn't you?

sampled them all...
cause I'm human
and cupcakes are really included in the food pyramid
aren't they? 

enough said.

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Just a bed of roses said...

I think those oranges are at walmart, just bought a bag or two.
double the price here, but hey, california is a ways.